Security & Access Control

Talon Technology offers a wide range of security and access control services for Springfield, MO, and the surrounding areas.

Protect Your Investments with Security & Access Control

The protection of your investments, both people and property, is a high priority for Talon! With secured entry, camera systems, and access control, we can help you protect your business the way it deserves. 

Your Business Depends on Security

Whether you’re looking for secured entry, camera surveillance, or access control, Talon Technology knows how important it is to keep your facility and data secure.

We offer a wide range of security and access control services to meet the needs of your individual facility. Please get in touch with us to learn more about security and access control or schedule your service.

Meet Your Security & Access Control Needs

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Secured Entry

Protect your employees and your assets with upgraded secuirty.

Camera Surveillance Systems

Provide an extra layer of security with continuous monitoring and recording.


Access Control

Prevent unauthorized access to your building with access control systems.

Protecting Your Data and your Employees

We know that securing your facility is important. That’s why we offer premium Security and Access Control services to businesses in Southwest, Missouri.

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Our BICSI Certified Technicians are ready to help you feel confident in your take your IT planning to the next level!